I am often looking for ways to improve my well-being and currently in training to become a certified well-being coach through the Anthropedia program.  I want to use this platform to discuss various aspects of well-being and decided to utilize my idea of “intentional luck”.  Throughout my life I realize that intention is very powerful and when you partner intention with things like love, understanding, compassion and kindness….it’s almost overwhelming at the limitless possibilities.  I’m not an expert, nor will I ever claim to be.  I am fascinated by people and love learning from them.  I am convinced that everyone can teach us something….no matter what.  I like to use a sense of humor about things, especially when my frustration is high.  I am willing to own my mistakes, but sometimes it takes me a while to say it out loud.  I am a proud person and value hard work.  I try to stay positive but fall into old habits sometimes.  And I am finally leaning in to the fact that life will constantly surprise me regardless of how much planning, strategizing, and thinking I put out there!



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  1. If you love learning, you have learned the secret to wisdom and you can, therefore, share with others what you discover. Life will constantly surprise you because you are open and humble. Keep going!

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